Batya Shemesh is a prolific writer who authored the book God Meets the World and several other books.

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On that predestined day at Mount Sinai, God came out of the clouds to meet the world. What the Creator of the Universe said that day would become the most important rules ever written: The Ten Commandments. God introduced Himself with the words "I am the lord your God...." His voice was heard by millions. The meeting of the physical and the spiritual witnessed by such a massive assembly is a feat that has not reoccurred in history.

The purpose of The Ten Commandments was to give the whole world rules by which to build a just society. The Israelites had observed the greatness of God as He made unprecedented miracles to release them from bondage. They would be the witnesses that there is one God and He cares about the people that He created. God Meets the World is the story of The Ten Commandments from God's point of view. The book describes how different ancient events recorded in the Bible inspired God to write The Ten Commandments. The second part of the book explains, in detail, the practical applications of The Ten Commandments in our modern society.

The ideas in this book are original and real eye openers. This is a self-help book that can help change your outlook on life, strengthen your faith and help you make important decisions.




Choose Life: A Practical Guide to Health and Nutrition


The Creator of the World commanded us to choose life. Choosing life means choosing health, physical and spiritual. Batya Shemesh writes fascinating explanations to Bible passages from the perspective of an alternative healer.
Choose Life fuses Biblical wisdom, science and Chinese Medicine to form basic principles that can be easily followed. She also shares many ideas for practical uses of herbal remedies, vitamins and other natural supplements that have worked for her own patients for decades.