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   atya Shemesh was brought up in an Orthodox Jewish family in New York. She moved

to Jerusalem with her family when she was 16 years old and built her life there.

Moving from the big city to the Holy Land was her dream come true.

She loved Israel and blossomed there. Batya attended and graduated

from an Orthodox Jewish seminary with a teaching degree in Hebrew

and Bible Studies. Today she is happily married and a mother of four.

When Batya was 28 years old, God gave her a gift of clairvoyance

and healing abilities. For many years Batya used her God-given talents

to help people with their health. At the same time, she studied the Bible

using her gift of intuition to understand it more deeply. She has come

to amazing insights that inspired her to write four books: Who is God?,

God Meets the World, God's Hidden Treasure and Choose Life.

I grew up in New York as a religious Jewess. I went to a private Jewish all-girls school. We studied the Bible and Hebrew for about three hours every morning. The afternoon classes were devoted to secular subjects like math, English science, and History. My teachers loved me because I was attentive and inquisitive. I was able to answer their questions, but they were sometimes stumped by mine. At home, we were very devout. Every Sabbath, my father would sit with us at the table and teach us Bible stories and sing songs in honor of The Sabbath. The strongest message that he gave us is the one I said at his funeral: “It says in the Torah to Love your God with all your heart and all your soul, The Torah doesn’t say to love your parents. The commandment is, “Honor your father and mother.” I am human and will disappoint you. Don’t love me; love God. If you love God, He will always be there for you.” This message accompanied me my whole life. When people let me down, I turned to God for help. My father trained us to have unshakable faith backed by a deep understanding of Jewish History throughout the generations. He encouraged me to love God and to question Him, quite a combination! He didn’t believe in blind faith he believed in God because he was sure. All of what he taught me and the education of the schools that he sent us to, set the stage for who I am today. When I was sixteen, my family moved to Israel. At the time it was an impoverished country, but we loved it. We were happy to eat simple foods and live in a small apartment. We felt so elated to be in the Promised Land. My sister and I went to a religious High School, and we loved it. I particularly liked to go to the open market and buy fruits and vegetables. I always loved to cook. Our family was already interested in healthy natural eating, a new phenomenon in those years. When I was eighteen years old, I got married as was customary in our circles. I continued to study even after marriage until I received my degree as a middle school teacher of Hebrew and Bible studies. Subsequently, we had two children, and I was ready and eager to work because our financial situation was quite difficult. My husband had losses with his own business, so I prayed hard that God would bless me with my personal income. Far and above my dreams, I was blessed with a gift that gave me intuition to heal people by diagnosing them and offering herbs and vitamins to help them. My neighbors came to me and sent their friends and family soon. I was working full time as my good name traveled all over Israel. After thirteen years of an unhappy marriage, I got divorced, and I was ready to support myself and my children with God’s help. After only three years, I met the man of my dreams. He was excited and fascinated by my intuition and my work. David Shemesh became my partner in business and learning. We studied Torah together and asked and answered question after question about Torah God and Judaism until finally in the year 2008, I got a message from above, “Write a book.” I had so much to write that I didn’t know where to begin. Every day after treating my patients, I wrote. At the time, we were corresponding with my aunt, who never had a Jewish education. She asked me many questions about my beliefs. When I responded to her in an email, she was bewildered and didn’t understand my answers or my terminology. This made me realize that If I am going to write a book for the whole world, I am going to have to simplify it. I began to edit my work explaining everything in detail and began searching for evidence from the Bible for everything I wrote. This is the reason why my books have large print and are written in a very easy step by step language and style. It was difficult and painstaking because everything that I wrote, I had to prove. I looked up the verses on the Bible Gateway site, and we received permission from NIV to use their translation in my books. Sometimes I had trouble finding what I was looking for, but many times, I found overwhelming evidence from places in the Bible that I did not know of previously. We were was starting to have fun. My husband, a licensed psychologist, would check over my work for grammar and style, and we were on our way. My first goal is to publicize the great day that the Ten Commandments were given. I studied the topic very carefully and in plain sight right before the Ten Commandments are given, I found the following verse that would change my ideology forever.

Exodus 19:55 Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations, you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine, six you[a] will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words you are to speak to the Israelites.” A kingdom of priests? The Israelite priests were not kings. They were servants of God in the Holy temple for a short shift once a year, and the rest of the year they were teachers. If the Israelites were meant to be a nation of priests, it means a nation of teachers. Whom do they teach? The answer is in the text, “Of all the nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the earth is mine…,” meaning that to fulfill the blessing of becoming His treasured possession, we must teach the Ten Commandments to nations all over the earth. Now I was even more excited. About three years after we started writing, we contacted a self-publishing company. I had about 800 pages, and I was ready to go. I had a vision that the book should be called God Meets the World. My publisher said that an 800-page book would not be a good idea. “No one is going to read an 800-page book. You must separate it into four different books.” I didn’t get upset in the least. I was ready for a new challenge and began creating four separate books with new themes. I usually study the Bible from the Hebrew, sometimes referring to commentaries in Hebrew and English. However, to write a book in English I had to apply to known translations that would gain the respect of my readers. While writing about the giving of the Torah, I came across the NIV translation for Exodus 19:17:17 Then Moses led the people out of the camp to meet with God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain. I was impressed! I decided on the name God Meets the World on intuition alone. Now I understood that God met the World at Mount Sinai. It was not only the Israelites that he met, but The Creator of the universe also came down to earth in full glory and spoke out loud to a crowd of millions. The Spiritual energy landed on earth. I then decided that of all the four books, the name God Meets the World would be the title assigned to the book about the giving of the Ten Commandments. Aside from the historical background leading up to the event at Mount Sinai, I described each commandment at length. I aim to answer every topic that is closely connected to the commandment. For example, in the chapter “Do not murder,” I discuss the subject of abortion and suicide. In the chapter on Honoring your parents, I discuss the issues that may prevent people from honoring their parents and a discussion on the education of the next generation. I also completed the three other books, Who is God? Choose Life and God’s Hidden Treasure. I have two beautiful websites, batyashemesh.com and godmeetstheworld.com. You can also see me online with lots of interesting interviews and videos that explain more. Just search Batya Shemesh or God Meets the World on YouTube.

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