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Ellen Brown

I'm a Christian and I am very health conscious. That's why I love reading your book. I never thought one could profoundly connect religion to health and nutrition.

I particularly like Chapter 5: Healthy Cooking. Well, obviously I love cooking and eating but I'm very conscious with diet and nutrition intakes. In fact, I make sure that my family always eats healthy and nutritious food at home. Thanks to your book I learned many things that could help improve my cooking. And I love your side tips on alternative ingredients. I would definitely try them all.

BTW, my daughter is starting to love cooking also. As a mom, I'm happy that she is now able to cook some dishes. I agree with you that cooking is a life skill that should be taught to our children at a young age. By this, we are assured that they will survive out there. And they can live longer by eating healthy and nutritious food.

Please write more books like this. Thanks again Batya.

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